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UX research and product design strategy

Truealpha is an exciting female founded startup, building a "metrics in a box" platform for startups and scaleups to go from messy spreadsheets to slick dashboards. I've joined the product team in alpha stage as the first inhouse designer to map out the target audience's mental model and to find the best ways to create and communicate value via the interface. 


  • Leading the end-to-end product design work, from compiling target audience research to lay out the product pages, familiarity and heuristics of the community and defining the design strategy
  • Shaping the design process from initial discovery and user journey mapping, through to the execution of the final UI design details, including revising the experience at the main user touchpoints
  • Working in close collaboration with the PMs and the engineers to help to ship the product features iteratively
  • Defining the visual strategy for the product and conceptualising the chart for intuitive and engaging data visualisation

UX research and UI design for niche technical software

Part of the Cardano ecosystem, Marlowe Playground is an educational web application to support the understanding of how to create smart contracts in the Marlowe programming language.  I was asked to design an intuitive, highly optimised interface and visual  strategy for the tool, to launch it on the public market successfully. 


  • Partnering with the engineering team to set the strategy and expected outcomes by understanding the capabilities and technical constraints of the system
  • Leading the end-to-end product design work, from compiling target audience research to map out the mental model, familiarity and heuristics of the community and defining the design strategy
  • Laying out the page structure, interaction flow and inpage functionalities by applying interaction design principles and audience feedback
  • Establishing a vision for the future evolution of the products, and delivering a recognisable identity that supports the marketing efforts

Design system, IxD for web, AR/VR and dev app projects 

Cardano is a groundbreaking proof-of-stake blockchain network. The Cardano ecosystem is developing out into the most complete cryptocurrency on the market. My responsibilities included defining the design direction for the brand, establishing the design management system and leading the product design strategy of the numerous related digital products of the company.


  • Overseeing the design work in several product domains with high level of complexity, leveraging qualitative and quantitative to form design decisions
  • Helped to scale the creative team and improve the quality of the product design work, by inspiring and mentoring in order for the members to reach their full potential
  • Leading the end-to-end design work of the core digital products of the company
  • Defining the company's design strategy by collaborating cross-functionally with engineering, product management and company leaders 
  • Laying down the foundation of the public brand identity, including the formation of the design management system and pattern library 
  • Building up the marketing asset library for fast commercial response

UCD for complex B2B/B2C SaaS with rapid prototyping

Cronycle is an SaaS web application for content creation, collaboration and communication, offering personalized news feeds and the ability to generate and export reports. Planning to go from MVP to a full scale product, I was asked to increase the user engagement, optimize the conversion flows, and prepare the product for the premium market.  


  • Introducing interactive prototyping for the design process, and establishing effective product design processes and culture 
  • Applying interaction design principles and audience feedback during the design process of the premium and enterprise functionalities
  • Creating dynamic pattern library to shorten the transition from design to code
  • Cooperating with the marketing department during user testing, supplying questionnaires, validating feedback and prioritizing updates to inform strategic design decisions and sharing the findings with key stakeholders across the business
  • Organizing the design tasks between the members of the design team and overseeing the asset usage to ensure consistency

User research, user flow and interaction design

Part of the Cardano ecosysem, Symphony is an interactive 3D explorer that allows users to traverse the topographic history of the Bitcoin blockchain. Symphony 2.0 also has a virtual reality component developed in addition to the web experience. Defining the communication of the product and simplifying the epxerience were my main responsibilites. 


  • Work alongside the product manager to craft a simple and elegant solutions to the visualisation of a complex, distributed system
  • Designing the GUI and founding the UI component library for both the web and the AI interfaces to establishing the language for the future evolution of the product 
  • Testing the designs with members, early users, running experiments, diving into data and iterating based on the finding   
  • Supporting the PR efforts with state of the art product marketing materials

Android UX and UI design with design system creation

Installer is a productivity tool developed for Android environment to speed up the testing of wireless charging stations. The application was in the launch phase when I joined. My responsibilities included optimizing the user flow and designing an intuitive interface, as well as establishing the design strategy for the Android and the upcoming iOS app.  


  • Applying design principles and expand the design systems in the delivery process for mobile products built for Android platforms 
  • Recognising and acting on pain points and opportunities within customer journeys, and creating wireframes to visualize the experience 
  • Participating in design reviews and share both low fidelity concept work and high fidelity design regularly with the engineers and th company leadership
  • Laying the foundation of pattern library including design system and element hierarchy

Data visualisation, UI design for dense B2B fintech software

ICX4 is a data research B2B desktop application specifically developed for financial institutes. Preparing for the market launch, my responsibility was optimising the interface for efficiency and ensuring consistency between the product moduls. 


  • Establishing the company's product design processes and the visual definition of the product, including multi-disciplinary team collaboration on the design strategy 
  • Pushed the quality of our work forward by developing a scalable design system from scratch and creating a shareable, dynamic pattern library 
  • Designing modular application pages with  interaction design principles and audience feedback in mind
  • Tackling the design challanges from problem definition to iteration, through prototyping and user testing

UX and conversion optimization, mockupping and hi-fi design

Investors in People offers management training and accreditation to organizations in leading and supporting their people. Started out almost three decades ago as a government project they have gained private ownership a few years ago. Communicating their values and opening towards a wider target audience was the main goal of the platform refurbishment, I was entrusted with.


  • Analyzing the existing platform to identify user needs and conversion leaks, and generating concepts to defining and craft an intuitve experience
  • Producing hi-fidelity responsive screen designs from sketches to development ready delivarables
  • Redefining the content architecture by tapping into existing insights and creating page design to increase visitor engagement and to support community building
  • Working closely with the marketing team to create the asset library needed to take the project further

Industry research, UI design and visual direction

Medusa is a real-time visualization of GitHub code repository of the Cardano blockchain: a 'living artwork' where the entire project history and engineering work can be explored. In collaboration with the development team, I was responsible to define the user experience offered and the visual language used to communicate the product. 


  • Working on very broadly defined, loose concepts to help to crystallize the product idea and find design opportunities, while actively contributing to the project research on the possible interactions and achievable experience
  • Compiling the visual theme and craft user flows that are easy to use and follow the design principles
  • Partnering with the product owners and engineers, working in a cross-functional and distributed team to define the GUI system for the product

Marketplace UX and UI design with style guide creation

Dachfreelancer is a web application offering a marketplace for freelance gigs in the German language area. The project was in the prototyping phase when I joined, with loose specifications and early user research.  


  • Translating the broad concepts into intuitive, functional designs in partnership with the PMs, engineers and other stakeholders 
  • Leading the design work throughout the product life-cycle, from layout concepts and user flows to high fidelity designs 
  • Defining the visual strategy of the platform, and contributing to the design system, making sure the design compliments the cohesive overall experience
  • Delivering user-centered interface design, including user flows, wireframes, and high fidelity deliverables, informed by user and market research

Industry research, prototyping, SaaS interface design

Artcollex is an asset management software specifically developed for private fine art collectors. Working closely with the founder team, I contributed to the roadmap, shaping the MVP, the messaging and the positioning of the product. 


  • Distill the complex development specification and data models into highly usable and efficient UI experiences via low fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes for fast iterative testing
  • Collaborating with the stakeholders on the market research to map out the competition and analyze the existing products on the market for niche-features
  • Establishing the visual language and brand messaging that can click with the target audience
  • Pushing the experinece forward by creating and optimizing product landing pages for communicating the product features

Works 2




Landing page, infographics


Interface, landing page, infographics


Logo, branding, website


Logo, branding, website

KIKOS _____

Logo, website


Logo, branding, website


Logo, social profile, print materials


Logo, branding, website





YOROI _____

Crypto wallet logo


ICARUS _____

Crypto wallet logo


MARLOW _____

Programming language logo


PLUTUS _____

Smart contract platform logo



Accounting firm logo



Crypto brand logo concepts


Works 3




Offering tailored fashion tours to the world traveller, Fashion Compass was a Madrid based hybrid product made of in-person tours and digital fashion tour offers. I've been involved in the definition of the digital component, defining the experience and the visual communication of the product. 


  • Digital experience design
  • Creative direction
  • Web and promo design


Membership based design productivity tool helps to generate coloUr themes from images, and to create collages that can be taken forward for brand identity design. Designed and prototyped in collaboration with a close friend.


  • Feature definition 
  • Identity design
  • In-page interaction design


Free online web designer tool to make the work more amusing by generating sample text from iconic movies. Designed and partly developed in collaboration with a close friend. 


  • Product wireframing
  • Creative direction
  • Experience design


Frond-end developer productivity tool designed to help clean up the codebase from duplications, syntax errors and over-specifications. Designed and partly developed in collaboration with a close friend.


  • User flow and experience design
  • Product identity
  • Content architecture

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