During this 6-step design guideline we'll look into the rationality of applying the UI design principles. The devil is in the details, hence behind every 'fast and easy' interface, there is a 'slow and painful' design work that eventually makes the final result intuitive. We go over these details in this guideline.

UI Design Process - Practical Design Guideline Preview


We'll start discovering the UI desing principles with a poorly designed sample UI, explaining what is wrong with which element in each session, naming the principles that are broken and correct the design. The UI design principles applied along the way come from the field of behavioral psychology and material design (referral links provided in the transcripts), intentionally avoiding industry-specific alterations.

By the end of 6th session, there will be some light on how to engineer an interface design that communicates the functions clearly and navigates the users naturally through the platform.

6 design sessions
Visual examples
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I’ve made the sample UI downloadable below, and encourage everyone to repeat the corrections using their own design decisions and develop their own design process.


I’ve made the sample UI downloadable below, and encourage readers to repeat the corrections using their own design decisions in order to practice systematic approach and develop their own design process.


Sample UI for the UI Design Process mini-class


UI Design Process Preview | The Elements and Principles of Design


As a design lead, I’ve been working on applications and web platforms, mentoring the design work for quite some time now. I’ve often made a note for myself along the way when I noticed certain areas causing difficulties. From this list, an interesting pattern emerged. The pattern showed me that the reason behind most of the confusion, both on the user’s side and on the designer’s side, is that the UI design principles are applied loosely.

I’ve created this design guideline to pull together the elements and principles of design that are crucial to apply to create an intuitive interface. Also, to describe how to manage a large-scale project without losing the coherence between the elements of the design system.


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