I AM_____

MSc (Hon) Julianna Sudi, Digital Design Strategist


MY VIEW_____

Design is packaging for sale...

This has been my credo since the second year of my design career. I've spent the first year on collecting design awards, firmly believing without a shred of doubt, that award winning design is the alpha and the omega of attracting visitors. The more blinding, the better, I thought.

Then I realized, that while beautiful design certainly is a contributing factor to success,  it’s just the first, visceral layer of creating engagement, followed by the behavioural and later by the cognitive layers. The point of any digital product from websites to user interfaces is to sell the things they are about. They are marketing vehicles, in some cases the core marketing vehicle of the entire business strategy. When they fail, the business fails. This is the big lesson from my early years, that fundamentally shaped my approach towards creating design.

Nowadays, when I help to shape or re-shape the perceived value of a product, I only touch the brand elements that would put the product in the wrong market segment, only change the user interface elements, that are misleading or have bad ergonomics, and re-organize the content architecture only when it hinders the visitor in the successful task completion. That’s all that matters to make a digital product engaging (see my study on practical implementation).

I've spent the last couple of years studying behavioural science and the principles of human-computer interaction to master the nuances and metas of making the right design decisions in order to fulfil product goals. If someone would ask me today, 'don't you think we should change the colour of the button instead of adding tooltips', I would reply: ugly sells, but misguided does not.


Product strategy is a complicated matter and it's never a solitary work.

For me to wrap up and position a product in the right market segment conveying the right value for the right price I need you to be prepared, have a vision and a plan. To achieve the best possible result with our partnership, please:

  • Introduce your vision and your circumtances.
  • Tell me why do you need me, why now, and what do you want to achieve with me on your side.
  • Where are you now in the development and where are you heading.
  • What metrics need to be improved.

Thank you for your interest, looking forward to talk to you soon!


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