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Julianna Sudi, Product Design Strategist

I've started working in the field of design back in 2011, studied HC interaction design and later integrated internet marketing strategies. My goal was to be able to craft the visual language for the digital products I've been working on to convey their value to the target audience. To put it academically, I merge the business strategy, interaction design principles and audience research into blueprints of digital products that align with the user's mental model and ensure high user retention. 


I'm an Official Educational Partner of the Interaction Design Foundation, currently consulting early stage startups on product design, engagement and UI direction.


Design strategy is a complicated matter and it's never a solitary work

To wrap up and position a product in the right market segment conveying the right value for the right price, I need a team with competence and passion, and a business with a vision and a plan. 

When mentoring, I'm looking for the self-motivation in my creatives, where is it, what's fueling it, how far it can be stretched, how it responds to other's creative input. 


Design is a conversation between the business and the visitors

This has been my credo since the first couple of years of my design career. While beautiful design certainly is a contributing factor to success, it’s just the first, visceral layer of creating engagement. This one is ideally followed by the behavioral layer (often associated with usability alone, although the emotional loops belong here as well) and eventually by the cognitive layer (the relationship between self image and product image). I talk about it a lot in my publications and mentoring materials (and college talks, and sister chats and self mumbling...), so a lot.



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