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Born with synestesia, studied tech

Despite my obvious creative brain, in a family full of rational intelligence, I've studied biotechnology to conform. That was the second best for me in terms of carrieer choices. I've mastered with honour and won 2 science awards, a Silver medal of the National Scientific Student Conference (2007), and a Special Award of the Biotechnogy Faculty Corvinus University (2006).

I received a PhD scholarship from the Corvinus University, which I left when felt the time was right for me to turn towards visual languages and find my way to the creative industries.


In the process of re-channeling my knowledge, I studied Colour and Style consultancy, which I took further with a postgraduate course in Colour Dynamics Engineering. I continued studying Web Design and Site Building and with that, I've finally found the right industry for me. It was a great match and I started do build websites for friends and families, then for private clients, and later for companies as an in-house designer.

In 2014, I published my very first personal website on the international market and won a Behance Interaction Design award. A good sign, I said, and because I liked the feeling of being appreciated, I went after more, and won overall circa 20 design awards until 2018. 



´╗┐Getting crystallized 

By 2018, I've started to be more intrigued about the performance of the design on the market, rather than its popularity within the design community. I had several side projects built and closed by that time, giving me a clear feedback on the perception of the design and the common respones of the market.

In order to support my new goals, I studied Integrated Internet Marketing and Human Computer Interaction Desing, in order to have both the psychology of a well performing product and the toolkit to approach the market with it. 

During these years, I've had the pleasure to work with numerous ambitious technology startups within the UK, a fashion startup from Spain, a construction company from Hungary, a couple of online education startups from the US and Germany, and a research institute from Vienna. Shaping my cross-cultural understanding of product adaptation and scalablability. 


TODAY _____

Focus on support and mentorship

By today, my energy is contenctrad on helping early stage founders to define their product and prepeare it for the market. I work with technology startup, as I always have, be them in idea stage or series B venture stage. The compensation is accordingly different tho', and those who are bootstrapping their product with no budget, can find me in the Women in Innovation network, if they're members, for any help they might need defining their product.

Those who need immersive support, can find me on CareerFoundry, mentoring carrier shifts toward UI/UX design. I'm also an educational partner of the Interaction Design Foundation, promoting strategic design thinking. 

In the meantime, collaboration with createch companies, has led to amazing results as well, such as the Creative Council 100 Ones to Watch 2021 Award, I was trusted with for my colour research work.   


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