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Julianna Sudi

Julianna Sudi

Julianna Sudi

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I'm a lifelong creator of digital solutions, being immersed in digital product design for more than 10 years. During this time, I've had the pleasure to support numerous ambitious technology startups to define their product experience, from the UK, EU and US. With special focus on emerging technologies, I utilise my cross-cultural understanding of product adaptation and user experience to shape the visitors' journey with the brand.


As a mentor, my emphasis is on developing the next generation of design leaders, by establishing a creative environment where the young designers' interest can be explored and galvanized into action.


New to UX/UI design?

These are the educators I know and trust. Some, I learned from myself back then, some, I teach nowadays. They have the curriculum and structure to put you in the right position as a carrier starter. 


This 6-step guideline introduces the 6 layers of an intuitive user interface, the role and relation of the UI elements and the application of the UI design principles.

6-session mini-class with audio transcript 

UI Design Process - Practical Design Guideline Preview



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